Dating Events

VIBES Healthcare is a Health & Wellness centre that provides a holistic approach in relationship enhancement to preserve & enrich love lives as well as empower sexuality in Malaysia.
We organise monthly Speed Dating events where each participant will be able to meet & converse individually with eligible potential partners, genuinely as well as find that someone they connect with emotionally and intellectually.
Our Doctors were inspired with the idea behind enriching love lives and individual mental well-being which led to the formation of VIBES HEALTHCARE and we are looking forward to seeing you find your match!
Each month's Vibes Healthcare's Speed Dating Event will have a different theme/age group.
Please do sign up your details and let us know some of your preference, so we can reach out to you when the suitable event arise.

Ask us about our Speed Dating Event:
Contact Syasya at: +6012 435 1500
Contact Vibes Healthcare at: +60 10-248 5283

Sign up your details in our Speed Date Database via this link: https://forms.gle/o4Z8TRyANikCmNyu8