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VIBES is a Health and Wellness centre that provides a holistic approach in mental health counselling and treatment, child & adolescent psychology, corporate mental health training & workshops programs, sexual health and overall individual wellbeing. We aspire to preserve & enrich lives as well as break mental health related stigma & empower individuals living in Malaysia. At Vibes, we provide psychological and counselling services for individuals as well as mental health related training & workshops packages for all level industries and corporate companies that are geared and focused to improve overall mental wellbeing which in return empowers people to live active, positive & healthy lives.

Who We Are

We are a group of healthcare professionals that have been actively working in the realm of Mental wellbeing in Malaysia for the past 5 years. Through the years, we have found a gap in this niche area of health in Malaysia and that many of our patients have voiced out their plight in regards to mental health in their lives.
Vibes counselling services enables, each and every individual to be able to choose from a highly integrated and specialised team comprised of experienced mental health practitioners from various disciplines that offer a wide-range of psychological and counselling services to our patients. Each and every session is done with extreme confidentiality, care and attention.


What We Offer

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